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tisoomi und AdDefend erreichen zukünftig gemeinsam Nutzer von Blocking Technologies

Durch die Zusammenarbeit ergibt sich für Publisher und Werbetreibende ein noch größeres Potential, werbeblockierende Online-Nutzer erfolgreich anzusprechen

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The AdBlock problem

About 25% of all German-speaking users have an AdBlocker installed, which leads to high financial losses for Publishers and Advertisers. Our team has developed a perfect solution based on years of experience in the field of Online Marketing and Advertising.

We are capable to reach the users with advertisements despite their active AdBlocker. A large number of satisfied customers are already using our bypass-system with great success.

tisoomi helps Publishers and Advertisers to increase revenue, despite the growing number of AdBlockers.
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Strategie und Beratung

AdBlock bypassing generates surplus

  • On average 25%* of all internet users are using AdBlockers
  • On average 25%* of all advertising spaces are not filled
  • Konzeption

    Additional Marketing income

    The service of tisoomi GmbH is helping yout to bypass AdBlockers and to generate additional Marketing revenue without the need to raise more traffic.
    • Reliable Anti-AdBlock system
    • Quick & easy technical setup
    • No Set-Up-Fee
    • Detailed statistics about AdBlock-rates, delivery of advertising material & revenue
    App Entwicklung

    You are Publisher or Marketer

    You are Publisher? Sign up here and find out how many of your users have installed an AdBlocker and how we can help you to avoid revenue losses.
    Backend Entwicklung


    We offer you higher coverage within your target group and valuable spaces on our associated pages.
    • Valuable advertising spaces
    • A distinctly higher coverage within your target group
    Mobile Web-Development

    Total flexibility with format and subject of the advertisement

    Hardly any technical restrictions
    • AdImpression count
    • Click count
    • Monitoring of Post Click activities
    • Click count
    • CTR monitoring
    • Various Targetings
    • Special formatting (e.g. Recommendation-Ads)
    • All relevant browsers incl. Safari